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Taipei Thoughts

After my first intercontinental flight I find my self emerge from the cramped air-conditioned cold of the aircraft into a comparatively hot hall.

I draw breath, the first in a foreign country. Does an airport count?

It's all a bit overwhelming and as I sit here in Terminal 1 Ap9 at Taipei International Airport in Taiwan I believe it still has not fully sunk in.

But I can feel it. There is something. And I am wondrously excited. The excitement does not just spring from knowing that in just over 19 hours I will be reunited with Sandra. It springs from something much more. A sense that anything is possible.

I do not have to do or become anything I don’t want to. The world is here and I am here and there is a lot we yet have to offer each other.

It is fucking exciting. I have been waiting for this for a very long time. I've wanted to travel to far away places for as long as I can remember and I have been aching to see Sandra again for more then a year. I was scared to commit and actually do this, move to another country. It is a big thing, lots of unknown unknowns. But by something I am fucking happy I am doing it. It is just so fucking inspiring. I feel I could sing, write and do any number of things.

As the hall slowly fills up with people also waiting for their connecting flight I meet a few fellow Australians setting out overseas like me. Have some good chats and then we end up useing my laptop to watch someone else copy of Blackbooks to pass the remaining hours.

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